We want to inform you of our method of collecting your information and warn you against any inconvenience.

Information Collection and Use

Collecting your information may be used to contact you or identify you. This information can include your last name and first name, your address and email. This list is not comprehensive.


For your safety and because it is important for us, we will protect your identity. It will not disclose or communicate in any Pretext.

Our method of storage gives ensures safety 100%.


Cookies are files that can identify your identity and your personal information, such personal information remains in the commercial domain and does not fit into your private life. These information are anonymous and cannot be against you. We use cookies to collect information has commercial purposes. You can refuse cookies and ask your browser to refuse them. However, if you refuse all cookies it is possible that you do not use it all were pushing the portion of our website.

Change to this Privacy Policy

It is possible that we have your days notice and that some change is Elements. In this case you will be notified.

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