About Us

New Haven began working in India in 1975. Today there are 32 homes in India had build to welcome orphan children, as well as eight Villages which care specifically for Tibetan refugee children. We're proud to say that over 15,000 children now have a permanent family home in a Village.

Where and how we support:

There are different ways to participate in our association.

First, you can give of your time to come directly in our home in several cities in India.

We need several type of person. For certain position we require a certain qualification like nurse and psychologist. We also need professor, only for smaller classes, and animator to accompany them in their daily lives.

You could be as voluntary for the various events that we put in place every year. See below the list of our event.

Our events we organize to collect background:

How it all began

In 1970, the big founder, the one who has had the idea of this association revealed to the population its project. Sanjay Khatun is orphan himself, abandoned by his parents who did not have the means to finance his education and to meet quite its needs. He has been placed in foster care since he was very young and was not lucky enough to have all the education he wanted. When he turned 26 years old he wanted to remedy this situation. They are problems common to developing countries that lack the resources needed to make it possible. He then asked for help all the population thanks to the knowledge that he was able to be made by working in foyers he was able to realize his project and to begin his studies.


For Sanjay, it’s important to have a good education and a family, because he feel what they feeling and he knows that it’s not easy to live in foster care. He knows that too much although by having no family and educational opportunities, these children are dedicated not to go to the school and to work in factories to be able to survive. Sanjay works now very hard on this question and puts the orphan children in connection with families which look for children and provides them with educational opportunities.

We appreciate all your support and donations