Hashmat 8 is almost here!!

The 8th Annual New Haven Hash House Harriers Hashmat is just around the corner! Cum join us for a full weekend of hashing around some of the more savory areas of New Haven as we commemorate the 8th Anniversary of the original “Hashmat  Incident”, by NH4 founder Dr. Gonads.


$49: Includes Friday Pub Crawl with beer, Saturday Hash with beer, full dinner and giveaways, Sunday Hangover Hash with beer and breakfast. This price is good until January 31st.

$59: February 1st – February 20th

$69: February 21st – day of event

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$15: Long sleeved commemorative tee shirt

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We will contact you after you register for your hash name, kennel, and shirt size if ordered.

Weekend schedule:

Friday: Evening pub crawl, Time TBA, Rotten Groton H3 Guest Hare Bicockular/Binocucock…or whatever he’s choosing to call himself these days. 2 beer checks, on-in downtown New Haven bar. Hashy dance party to follow!!

Saturday: Check-in begins at 11:30am at Sports Haven, 600 Long Wharf Drive, New Haven. Plenty of onsite free parking! Beer and snacks upon arrival. On-out at 1:00pm – 4 drink checks on trail, On-in at Sports Haven with beer, buffet dinner, beer, betting vouchers, giveaways, beer, circle, beer.

Sunday: Hangover Hash, Time and location TBA, Skull & Boners H3 Guest Hare. Short trail with small breakfast, and did we mention beer?

Local Hotels:

La Quinta:   http://www.laquintanewhaven.com/

Courtyard New Haven:   http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/hvndt-courtyard-new-haven-at-yale/?pid=corptbta&scid=b661a3c4-9c47-48c8-9e13-75b66089dd79

New Haven Suites:   http://newhavensuites.com/


Next Hash: Dead Christmas Tree Hash – Sunday, Jan. 18th

dead xmas tree

Please note: This is a Sunday, not a Saturday!!

Veteran hasher Smashmouth will lead us on an exciting trail through the historic Colonial town of Guilford, CT, maybe even through the “Prettiest Green in America”. On-out at the Guilford train station. Traditional trail: minimal shaggy, get drunk after trail (you know, as a reward for completing Smashmouth’s trail!)

A to A

Circle and on-after at B with food and drink.

From the hare: We have moved from the usual Saturday to avoid clashing with the Penis Withdrawal Celebration taking place on the Saturday. (Go to http://www.sbh3.com for more info). Hope those ‘coming specially’ for this occasion will stay overnight for this event. We shall start at 2:30pm at the Guilford RR station (Shore Line East train leaves NH Union Station at 2:10). If you must drive, it’s Exit 58 off I-95.

Warning: trail will be much more old-style than Boner, i.e. mostly tarmac (that’s pavement you Yanks) /minimal shaggy (no brambles) / no pre-lube (bring your own), no drink/tit/dick checks (bring chalk). But you can still get shitfaced; you just have to r*n (or w*lk) first.

Santa Con Hash


Our Hare, Hentai Me Down, will be laying a shitty trail that will loosely revolve around the New Haven SantaCon.

Com in full costume (or not, lazy wankers)! Be dressed as Santa, or an elf, or a reindeer, or a dreidel, or….

When: 1:00pm
Where: We will park and have circle in Jocelyn Square, New Haven. There should be better parking opportunities and a big park right there to do Chalk Talk and Circle. Please bring your vessels. (Jocelyn Square is the big park right in front of the old Humphrey’s, on Humprhey and East St.)

Virgins: Free
Hash Cash: $5
3 to 5 miles, A to A
Strollerable and doggable
Plenty of cold beer on trail
New shoes always encouraged!
Coppus no shootus! Doggus no biteus!


Hash of Mystery


A hash is generally rife with mysteries – but this trail will be extra-mysterious! You’ll stumble your way around Hamden, dodging impatient holdiay shoppers and perhaps some four-legged furry creatures, braving the elements, and following clues to move you forward, all to answer the most important question of all:


But beware! Your quest may feature a few red herrings or other mysterious events that could change the entire complexion of your hashing experience…

Who: Yet another awesome hash from hare Mathole!

When: Saturday, December 6th, 1:00pm

Where: Parking lot behind Home Depot. Route 10 (Dixwell Avenue), Hamden. (If you have a GPS, set it to 52 Lee Street).

Hash Cash: $5.00

Also bring: vessel, Cash for the on-after, virgins, your mystery-solving skills, and of course, new shoes.

Breakfast In America Hash!

True, SuperTramp has nothing to do with this Hash, with the exception of the booze-enhanced orange juice...

True, SuperTramp has nothing to do with this Hash, with the exception of the booze-enhanced orange juice…

Hashers!  You may be thinking to yourselves “Goddam DYD is a deadbeat, waiting to the last moment to release the top-secret address to Saturday’s Hash,” and I would have to agree with you and offer humble apologies, and then throw myself upon your merciful hearts when we make it to circle.

Breakfast in America Hash!  Hares Don’tYouDare and Virgin Hare Will (a.k.a Stabby Stabby) will lay a delightfully wicked trail through Hamden where there will be our beloved paved surfaces as well as a smile-inducing amount of off road Hashing.  No real shiggy to speak of, unless we can get your asses lost, and no poison ivy, which makes TTT damn near giddy.  There will be Bacon-Infused Bourbon on trail, as well at Oatmeal Stout.  Perhaps a bagel fight?  You’ll have to Hash it to find out for sure.  Oh, and there will be Big H3AD (winky).  On Out is EARLY!  10:00 AM!  And now for the details (if only to keep Back Tits at bay):

EVENT:  Breakfast in America Hash

Date:  Saturday, November 22nd

On Out:  10:00 AM, or 1000 for you Jarheads and Squids

Location:  41 Todd Street, Hamden CT 06518

Parking:  In the Farmington Canal Trail lot, or nearby and walk the trail to Todd Street

Distance:  About Four-ish miles

Strollerable:  Nope, definitely not.

Hash Cash:  $5.00 Cheap

New Shoes:  Always strongly encouraged

White Dress Hash – Winter is Cuming! Hare TTT!

R*cist behavior ala White Dress

R*cist behavior ala White Dress

This Saturday our own Tap That Teacher may be seen traipsing around the neighborhood of West Haven clad in nothing more than a diaphenous white schiff as she lays trail for our annual White Dress Hash – Winter is Cuming!  While TTT is always game for the saucier side of White Dresses (think Victoria’s Secret collides with Billy Idol’s White Wedding) she has expressed concern of a cold Hash now that we’re into the early part of Novembrrrr, so White Dress accordingly.  That’s right, skimpy rules the day, prudish attire drinks at Circle for being wusses.  Let the Hash details begin!

WHERE?  The far left of the parking lot near Jimmie’s at Savin Rock – 5 Rock Street, West Haven CT 06516.

DATE?  Saturday, Novembrr 8th.

ON OUT?  2:00 PM Sharpish!


HASH CASH?  $5, Cheap!

STROLLERABLE /DOGABLE?  Why do we even ask this?

SHIGGY?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  It’s West Haven, fer cryin out loud.

ID NEEDED?  Only if you want your corpse identified.

WHITE DRESSES?  Not mandatory, but kinda desired if you want to be sexy.

Lastly, there’s a special treat for every Hasher wearing new shoes!

On On!  DYD

Update to Dirty Hoe’s Nudes & Beer Hash!


Picasso apparently knew a thing or two about Hashing.


On the anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s birth, the hash in New Haven this
Saturday will feature cubist perspectives, psychedelic foliage, breathtaking
views, precipitous views, modern art, classical art, obscene art, decadent
art, delicious beer, gratuitous wine & cheese, and a perfectly situated food

Following extremes of barometric pressure, the weather has finally decided
to cooperate.

There will be a trail for hashers who would like to rampage through
approximately six miles of breathtaking beauty and a trail for hashers who
prefer only three miles of beauty.

Given the proximity to Halloween, costumes are not prohibited.

Note: Do not miss this hash unless you have one of the following conditions:
1. death
2. coma
3. viagra or cialis overdose (see your doctor)

The details may be found in prior emails, but they are duplicated below for
your convenience.

TIME: 2:00 PM

Don’t You Dare’s Halloween Party!

Yes, there will be horseplay and inappropriate activities!
Yes, there will be horseplay and inappropriate activities!
The party is at Don’t You Dare’s Friday, October 31st, starting at 8:00 just as the kiddies are calling it a night and the evil spirits arise.  Beer and snack will be plentiful, but you’re invited to bring your own,  You and your significant and pseudo-significant others are invited.  There will be Hashers and maybe a few non-Hashers, too.  And costumes?  Oh hell yes!
To get there email or text me for directions and to let me know what you’ll bring.  I have a list of suggestions, too.  And RSVP so I don’t have to make a beer run after the booze shop has already closed.  There’s space to crash here, if needed
Reach me at ccarr.ct@gmail.com or at 203-589-1704

Save the D8! HashMat #8

All Things 8 at HashMat

All Things 8 at HashMat

The D8s for the New Haven Hash House Harriers 8th HashMat have been set!  February 27th, 28th and March 1st, 2015, should be on your calendar for our celebration of the chaos our Kennel created 8 years ago at IKEA.  Please join us in celebration where there will likely be Devi8ion, Sati8ion and quite possible Masturb8ion!  Details will follow in the coming weeks to include rego fees, awesome t-shirts designed by our own Hentai Me Down, schwag info, lodging discounts and all manner of illicit behavior where we may work the numeral 8 into evil and overtly-suggestive forms.  Stay tuned!

Other notes:  Tap That Teacher is Haring November 8th (what a convenient date!) as we r*n our White Dress event, Don’tYouDare Hares the Breakfast In America Hash November 22nd at an earlier time so that our dedicated Hashers may also Hash with Skull & Boners later the same day (kinda r*cist, if you ask me), Mathole Hares an evil trail December 6th and Hentai Hares the annual SantaCon Hash December 20th.

On On!

Don’tYouDare CloseYourEyes (which apparently is from some song which DYD is completely oblivious of)


Nudes & Beer Hash – Guest Hare Dirty Hoe!

Beer must be near...

Beer must be near…


For those who played with their erector sets, and know how to handle nuts and bolts, this is the Hash for you!

For those who immersed their fingers in jars of paint, and splattered gobs of it on their clothes, this is the Hash for you!

For those who enjoy nudes, beer, and historic landmarks, and an appreciation for creativity, this is the Hash for you!



TIME: 2:00 PM





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