Welcome to New Haven

You want to help people while having fun. Newhaven makes will allow you.

Our charity “New Haven” aims to help the orphan children in India. The harvest of our background serve to build homes for these children, maintain and hire a personal and allow children be well surround and frame.

Today, 153 million children are orphans in the world. This situation leads to tragic consequences on the rights and development of these children. More than 71 million are in Asia. India has 31 million orphans.

Education is, in most cases, first sacrificed. Indeed, the child must meet its own needs but also sometimes those of her younger brothers and sisters whom he is responsible.

Health is rarely a concern for these children unlike access to food or housing. But the conditions in which they live and the activities in which they engage significantly increase the risks to their health (fights, drugs, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, malnutrition, dangerous work etc).

Some of them are looking for work to meet this emergency. They are too often exploited and indulge in all forms of degrading and dangerous work. Assessments of the International Labour Organisation revealed that orphans work more often than other children in commercial agriculture, as street vendors, domestic service and the sex industry.

Our solution:

New Haven provides a solution for these children. We welcome children into our home to make their life more comfortable. These children initially in a safety and healthy place to sleep, they can benefit to balance food and medication adapted to each child.

For the children ages to study, they can have an education adapted to the ages and skills to build their future.

For each home we have an international adoption section, to allow the children to find a family.

In addition to raising money for children in India, we also aim to educate those living outside India, in order to remove harmfall stereotyping and the accossiation of India with the slums. To do this we run workshops where people can try Indian food, watch Bollywood films and learn about Indian marriage customs.